Hostile World

For example, I DON’T WANT TO DRIVE A VAN,  I like and want to drive 2-door cars. Wheelchair lifts are slow, cumbersome, costly and they break down.   Imagine it’s raining and I have to wait for the van door to open, the stupid lift to unfold and lower, I then load and raise the platform, all the while I am getting drenched.   Then I have to navigate to the drivers seat and transfer into the drivers seat.   In a car I transfer, fold the wheelchair slide into the backseat and drive off -only takes about 30 seconds if I am motivated.

Adequately sized 2-door cars that can accommodate a wheelchair aren’t being made anymore, mostly because they have been made unpopular, in part because of the politicians’ obsession that has required child-safety seats. The Cash for Clunkers (make that the really DUMB Cash for Clunkers) program was initiated and despite driving a clunker I was unable to take advantage of this program. A subtle and mostly benign illustration but never-the-less I am left out again…  I see all of these as hostility to toward the disabled – albeit perhaps unintentional.

Ps.  I can get into Chevrolet Colorado with a suicide style rear door but it’s a struggle and therefore not suitable.  A modified Honda Element might work but…